The Nature Conservancy in Ohio and the Western Lake Erie Basin has worked steadily over the last 70+ years to protect, connect and restore lands and waters worldwide. This publication is made possible through funding from The Nature Conservancy and The Joyce Foundation.

Showcase TNC support for local Ohio farmers shifting to regenerative systems that work in harmony with nature to restore and protect ecosystem health and share information about regenerative farmers supporting healthy local communities. 

In collaboration with the TNC Agriculture Conservation Practitioner, and a creative team consisting of Photographers, Videographers, and Copywriter[s], I was tasked with creating a 6"x9" (12"x18" Spread) editorial piece for both print and digital dissemination.

Cover Page

Spread 1 - Interior pages 1-2

Spread 2 - Interior pages 3-4

Spread 3 - Interior pages 5-6

Spread 4 - Interior pages 7-8

Spread 5 - Interior pages 9-10

Spread 6 - Interior pages 11-12

Spread 7 - Interior pages 13-14

Back Cover

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