A forward-thinking brand with inventive ideas, i2B™ aims to be a trusted provider of secure information-sharing solutions for small to large business applications.

i2B's mission is to set new standards within the cloud computing industry through state-of-the-art software and innovations in cloud security. The i2B™ brand and culture are defined by its passion for protecting information in the digital age.

Design an identity that defines the i2B brand, including the company's logo, color palette, and graphic elements, as well as marketing materials such as business cards, product packaging, and environmental design.

In creating the brand identity, I designed an abstract representation of cloud elements and hints of the infinity symbol rolled into one icon. Along with a custom color scheme, wordmark, and lockup this identity feels professional, memorable yet leaves room for versatile use cases.

i2B Brand Imagery

Letterhead Design

Letterhead and envelope

Business Card

Half-page print advertisement design
Billboard advertisement design

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