MFS Supply™ is a national distributor that offers a wide range of renovation and property preservation materials, including cabinetry, lighting, HVAC systems, and other necessary materials. From renovation to preservation products, MFS is a convenient one-stop-shop for all your Mortgage Field Service needs. 

Generate healthy competition and increased camaraderie amongst the internal sales department. Grow sales figures and reach internally set sales targets month-to-month.

In collaboration with the Director of Marketing, I designed a 10-ft X 5-ft vinyl wall graphic for the MFS Supply™ sales team – a 'Sales Race' with last place consisting of humorous vehicles for the reps with the lowest sales numbers for that month, a school bus for everyone in the middle, and top spots consisting of progressively better-performing vehicles to transport the top reps. The graphic includes the track, cars, and avatars for individual sales representatives. I proposed the application of a magnetized primer to the wall before affixing the vinyl graphic so the avatars could be magnetically attached to the respective position and moved around as required. Each track element is named after company office/warehouse locations, relevant product categories, or house brands to add a personal touch.

Visualizing feasible avatar sizes for 15-20 sales representatives at 1:1 Scale on final 120-IN x 60-IN canvas

Moodboarding phase mainly consisted of gathering comps of track maps. I quickly realized any representation of a circuit style race track would make it more challenging to see who was in what place.

Earliest iteration with scaled fitting of potential vehicles and avatars in a point-to-point style race.

Round 2 Concept: Refining track elements

Custom Race Pickup Livery Design
Custom Race Pickup Livery Design
Custom Trophy Truck Livery Design
Custom Trophy Truck Livery Design
Custom Delivery Van Livery Design
Custom Delivery Van Livery Design

Final Layout

Applied wall graphic and fatheads at MFS Supply™ company HQ

Special thanks to:
Katherine Haubrich – for all of your early creative direction and for spearheading the fathead avatar portion of the project start-to-finish.

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